27July, 2016

Transformational Journey of Car Wash Service

Car cleaning Calgary

When you ask someone about car cleaning, the answer is straight. Cleaning means that applying soapy water and then rubbing the surfaces with sponge and towels. However, the traditional process consumes time and sometimes imperfections are noticed in areas that are hard to reach. In order to attain perfection, automated washing was introduced, which also saves time.
Car cleaning Calgary

The Transformation Took Place in 1940s

The automated car wash system came into being in the 1940s. The system saw the deployment of the conveyor belt, which is operated with tunnel controller. The vehicle is put into a queue and guided by the conveyor. Overhead water sprayers wash away dirt from the surface and additional shine is produced with brushed used manually. Finally, the vehicle is dried up with the blower.

Introduction of Tire Sensor

Some car cleaning services in Calgary NW use tire sensor along with rollers to position wheels. The rollers push the car. Before putting the car on the conveyor, the vehicle is put in neutral. The vehicle is pushed through a detector-based system to note its length so that it becomes easy for the controller to schedule the washing details.

Automatic Car Wash

The automatic car wash system features arches that are used for pre-soaking. A solution comprising of acid and alkali is sprinkled on the car. The chemicals used do not affect the paint or finish of the vehicle. Special formulated solutions are used on wheels and tires for eliminating greasy dirt.

The next of detailing is conducted with arch containing soft cloth wraparounds that work effectively on front bumpers, rear area and sides of the vehicle. Wheels and tires are rubbed with brushes.

The undercarriage is cleaned with high-pressure sprayers and wraparounds. High-pressure nozzles are used for cleaning wheels and tires from all directions. The final stage of cleaning requires the car to pass through triple foamers. These foamers clean the body of the vehicle and help to protect the paint.

During the automatic car wash, tires are shined with silicone tire dressings. This treatment also preserves the rubber. The car looks shiny after undergoing soft water treatment that removes spots.

Equipments Introduced During Car Wash Automation Phase

The introduction of mechanized car wash system saw usage of various equipments. It included cloth friction brushes, wraparound brushes, roller and conveyors, tire washing units, water systems, etc.

The introduction of automatic wheel cleaner is equally important as the polishing machine because it helps the car attain fresh looks. These equipments are available in the market with proven track records. The best part of these car wash equipments is that they require a low cost of maintenance that adds to the profitability of a car detailer.

Each part of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned in the tunnel with equipments that maintain high accuracy. The type and number of equipments are decided on the size of the vehicle. High-grade car washing equipments are important for making the car wash system successful. Before offering car wash service to customers, an experienced car detailer in Calgary makes the right choice of equipments to deliver outstanding results.