21July, 2016

Pick Up A Car Wash Option Based On Your Emotional Attachment

full service car wash Calgary

You use your car for many purposes. With frequent usage, the car produces a weary look with dust and other forms of dirt getting accumulated on surface and interior. In order to shed the dust, you go for traditional every weekend. However, this treatment is not sufficient to attain the performance and hygiene goals of your car. You will not enjoy driving if your car smells dank inside. Some specialized tools, products and techniques are obviously required. That is why you need to bring your car to a reputed car detailing center in order to provide your vehicle a rejuvenated look.

full service car wash Calgary

A reputed car detailing center in Calgary offers various kinds of detailing treatments or your car. It is up to you which detailing method you choose as the selection is based on how much you are emotionally attached to your car.

Full Service Car Wash

An established full service cash wash facility in Calgary performs detailed car cleaning activities with professionals having the right expertise. The full service car wash service is divided into various categories.

Hand Car Wash

Hand car wash service in Calgary is meant for those who look for affectionate care for their car. Some car owners do not prefer automated car wash as they are in the opinion that such detailing will ruin the car’s finish.

In case of hand car wash, every detailing activity is conducted with hands. However, one needs to undergo proper training before landing on the shop floor. Before the process starts, the car is allowed to cool under a shade. Then, water is sprayed on the surface through the hose. This helps in the shedding of dirt. Each exterior part is cleaned one by one. The cleaner is applied to each part including wheels and left for some time. After that, a clean sponge is taken and rubbed on various surfaces.

Interior is cleaned with carpets and seats removed and then vacuumed. In order to make the interior hygienic, deodorization is performed. The best part of hand wash is that even complicated areas like shock absorbers, door hinges, etc are given fine attention.

Tunnel Wash

Tunnel wash is a kind of automatic car wash. Here, various automated machines are used for detailing. A conveyor belt is set in action, which moves the car slowly through series of steps that are involved in the car washing process. When the car gets off the conveyor belt, it is completely cleaned. In the process, water and foamy liquid is used.

Chemical Car Wash

This car detailing method is preferred by those who are deeply concerned about car’s finish. This cleaning does not require usage of water. Certain chemicals having cleansing property are used on the surface of the car. In addition to cleaning, the surface also gets polished.

These are the detailing methods, which a reputed car wash facility in Calgary offers to its customers. The selection of service depends on you. The choice depends on how much time you can spare and your emotional attachment to your car.