28October, 2016

Secrets to a Successful Auto Detailing You Never Knew

car detailing

Why do you invest in high-quality skin care products? Obviously, to keep your face glowing. Similarly, to maintain a healthy glow of your car it’s important to take care of the surface. Though you can save your labor by hiring some professionals for car wash, doing it on your own can save some dough when you know about the proper techniques.
car detailing

We have gathered some of the top car detailing secrets to help you attain professional results, and make the detailing procedure more successful.

Take two buckets of water

This two buckets’ method is to keep your exterior clean. One bucket is for your clean suds and another one is to hold the clean water. Rinse off the cleaning mitt in the clean water and wring it, before dipping into the clean suds. With one bucket of water, you are simply moving the dirt off your car into the clean suds and putting it back onto your car.

Detail the trim

Before waxing the paint, using a trim protectant or restorer will be wiser. Wash your vehicle first, dry it and apply trim care protectant. You might use the masking tapes to protect the trim while waxing. It will save both your time and extra labor for cleaning.

Use Buffer only to apply the product

Using a buffer for removing wax will leave terrible swirl marks on the clean coat or expensive paint of your car. Instead, apply the wax with a buffer and remove it with a soft and dry cloth. Thus you can avoid the risk of burning or damaging the car paint and your car will look gorgeous.

A clay bar system will help you

A high-quality clay bar system consists of a detailing spray lubricant, a clay bar of 80 – 100 gram, and a soft towel. After washing your vehicle, the clay bar system will help you remove the contaminants without affecting your car paint. For a smooth paint surface, it will take better polishing.

Check the paint surface with plastic grocery bag

After cleaning your car surface with a clay bar system, ensure that all dirt are removed before sealing the surface with protective wax. Take a thin plastic grocery bag and run it over the car surface. If you find out any imperfection, go back to car detailing once again. Keep repeating the process and wait until the surface is completely smooth. Once it’s done, apply the wax for sealing.

Dry the glass in two directions

Save your labor on jumping in and out of your car by keeping your glass clean in two directions. Clean the interior glass horizontally and the exterior one in a vertical direction. This will help you get properly cleaned glass without tiring yourself.

Trust the latex gloves

Removal of your pet hair is easier with a pair of latex gloves. Put on these gloves and rub your hand on the carpet. Rubbing the carpet with latex gloves will cause static electricity and the pet hair will be removed quickly.

Hopefully, these car detailing secrets will make your automotive investment go longer and you will enjoy several happy rides.