10December, 2021

How to Keep Your Luxury Car Well-Maintained

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Buying a luxury car is a significant investment of your hard-earned money, and that’s what makes it even more important that you take care of it in the best way possible. Having said that, keeping it in a top-notch condition and well-maintained needs time and effort. Apart from being your pride and joy, a well-maintained vehicle gives smooth rides and a better resale value.

Everyone wants to retain these features for as long as possible and somehow get them back when it’s lost. For those who have lost this very essence of their luxury car, good news! You can bring back the gleam and glimmer of your beloved car with just a little effort. Coming straight from the leading car cleaning specialists offering professional Calgary car detailing services, here are the best tips to keep your luxury car fresh, immaculate and spotless.

exterior detailing Calgary

Calgary Car Detailing: Secrets to Keep Your Luxury Car Well-Maintained


  • Use a Clay Bar

We’re sure you must have read many blogs that encourage the use of dishwashing soaps and detergent to maximize the cleaning effect. According to Calgary car detailers, that is the worst advice that you could ever pay heed to!

A professional exterior car detailing Calgary service begins with a good wash that removes all the dirt and grime. After the vehicle is properly dried, a clay bar is used to get rid of any lingering contaminants from the surface followed by waxing and polishing.

  • Paint Protection

You can’t keep your vehicle in a top-notch condition completely by only washing the grime and dirt from the exterior. It’s equally crucial that you take proper measures to make sure your car paint’s condition is preserved. And, when you avail of a professional paint correction service, be ready to find the ugly bird droppings, scratches, water spots and other blemishes vanished and your car’s paint restored to its former beauty.

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Materials

Detailing a car, classic or modern, necessitates the use of proper cleaning equipment and products. Using the wrong car cleaning product, like dishwashing soap, can lead to permanent damage to your prized possession. Professionals providing Calgary car detailing services use the right cleaning tools like brush, sponge and microfiber cloth to scrub away the stubborn dirt without destroying the paint. That is why they say there’s no bigger joy than going for a professional car wash every week and seeing your pride wearing the best look.

  • Apply Wax

Besides adding a layer of protection to the painted exterior, waxing also enhances your vehicle’s sheen and shine. Car wax is a compound comprising oils, solvents and waxes that leaves your vehicle’s exterior with a layer that protects your car from all kinds of contaminants as well as enhances the appeal.

  • Wipe with a Microfiber Cloth or Sponge

Incorporating the right products and tools is crucial for maximizing your vehicle’s longevity. Professional detailers always recommend using microfiber cloth to wipe down your car gently in order to get rid of the contaminants and provide extra shine.

The Bottom Line

We understand your joy of adding a new member (your new car) to your family. And since you consider your precious car to be no less than your family member, it is your responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep it well-maintained. Should you be looking for a facility that offers optimal Calgary car detailing services, visit Calgary Car Detailing. We are abreast with the latest detailing techniques and procedures in the industry to make sure your vehicle looks as new as possible. For details, call @ 403-370-5050.