17June, 2016

How Detailing Help in Restoring Car Paint

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Color provides a unique identity to a car and it tells a lot about the personality of its owner. However, your vehicle could lose its shine and original color if you do not keep it protected from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. If the problem is not taken care then the damages can be extended further.

It is not that you cannot protect your car from such damages. By providing proper treatment such as regular detailing, polishing and waxing, you can prevent your car’s paint from getting oxidized. Learn how to restore your car’s paint by opting for car detailing.

Oxidization Can Be Removed

If your car left unprotected over a long period of time, it will start oxidizing. At the beginning, you will not be able to notice the damage. If the process remained unchecked over the year, the paint of your car will become dull and rough.

However, you can still protect the paint of your car by opting for regular car detailing through which, you will be able to remove dirt and oxidization from the car’s surface. You can use several products for polishing the surface of your vehicle, but make sure you have purchased detailing products that are moderate and won’t harm the existing paint.

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Car

Clean the Surface First

In order to restore your car’s paint, you will have to clean the surface of your vehicle first, so that you can remove all the contamination and dead point (small particles on paint formed due to oxidization). You can use dishwashing liquid to clean the surface, but automatic clay bar can be the best choice to eliminate bonded contamination and dead point.

Polish the Paint after Cleaning

Once the process of hand car wash is finished, you will have to be ready to polish the surface of your vehicle. Before you start with the process, you should know that there will be two grades of polish. The first step is called cutting polish and the second one is known as finishing polish.

In cutting polish, which is also known as a compound, the damaged layer of the paint will be removed. However, going through the process, you will have to make sure that the polish is removing the right amount of oxidized paint without touching the finishing layer.

While going through the process of finishing polish, you can use chemical cleaners that will offer you super-fine polish and bring back the lost shine of your vehicle.

Be Careful While Polishing Painted Plastic Parts

While polishing the surface of your vehicle or washing your car through auto detailing, make sure that the process goes soft on the painted plastic parts like bumper caps, mirrors of your car, because the paints on the plastic parts are more vulnerable to get oxidized than the metal parts. That is why you have to be careful while polishing them.

You can do the job on your own, but if you want to get a satisfactory result, then you should hire professionals associated with the business for years.