22September, 2017

Get An Enviable Shine On Your Car Wheels

auto detailing

Buying cars is only half the battle won. Maintaining its interiors, the inner machinations and every exposed surface frequently is of prime importance. Cruising through the dusty roads day in and day out can take a toll on your beloved automotive vehicle but the wheels would undoubtedly suffer tremendously if they are not looked into time and again.

The wheels are literally what carry the car. And are undoubtedly the ones that are always caked with mud and grime. Cleaning car wheels is a whole another ball game as the spokes need to be meticulously cleaned as well as the rims and the ridges on the tyres. However, it is mandatory to be extremely particular while cleaning wheels.

auto detailing

For instance, wheels, no matter how dirt-encrusted they look, must be tended to during the final stages as the dirty residue from cleaning the exteriors and the chassis would inevitably drip down on to the wheels.

It is essential to keep the necessary equipments not far from your reach while getting on with the cleaning procedure. Sponges, gloves, separate buckets to contain the water in, wheel cleaners of a supreme quality, brushes and microfibre towels are the few necessities that are required to give those wheels a shiny finish.

Although most prefer to get the cars spruced up at the local car detailers’ you can also go DIY by following a few significant steps:

1. Know Your Wheels

Chrome and alloy wheels should not be subjected to the same cleaning treatment. The different chemical compositions that constitute these metals make them react uniquely to clear coats, polish and even the cleaners that would be in use. Identifying the kind is thus extremely essential before initiating the cleaning process.

2. Hose Or Go Manual

The wheels collect a lot of debris due to the time it spends on the roads. Avoid dumping them with cleaners the first chance you get, instead try picking out the loose dirt manually or spray clean water on each of the wheels through a hose. The stream of water would eventually wash most of the sludge and grime away and allow you to work on a relatively cleaner surface.

3. Make Use Of The Brushes

The brushes play a prime role while cleaning the wheels. After liberally spraying the wheels with a cleaner make sure that you go over the wheel spokes, the rims and the ridges that remain stubbornly encrusted with dirt. The fender wells and the wheel calibre that are positioned behind the wheels collect a high amount of mud and sludge that usually remains undetected and needs a closer inspection. The bristles of the brush thus come in handy as the coarse ends would effectively remove the dirt.

4. Do Not Let The Spray Cleaner Settle

The spray cleaner should not be allowed to settle on the wheels lest they create stains and disrupt the spotlessness. Wipe the remains of the cleaner within moments of spraying it with soft microfibre towels and then rinse the wheels thoroughly. If spots and stains remain, going over the cleaning process can help get rid of them.

5. Wax And Polish For A Superior Shine

Waxing or polishing after wiping the remaining water off of the wheels is a way of shielding and retaining the moisture. However, refrain from lathering the wheels with coats and coats of polish. Be alert while using these products as chrome wheels respond better to polish while aluminium is better suited with a clear coat. End the cleaning process with these products and use a soft cloth to buff the wheel surface.

The efficient services of car detailers in Calgary can also be enlisted to have the cars get a thorough wash. From the wheels to the upholstery, auto detailing of the cars is done in its entirety.

Book an appointment with professional car detailing centers at the earliest and reward those car wheels with the pampering they deserve.