16January, 2023

Dos and Don’ts That You Need to Follow When Washing a Car

Car detailing in Calgary

Imagine your house hasn’t been cleaned for a few weeks or months. Would you start living there like that? No, right? Similarly, when it comes to your car, from choosing the best facility and availing of complete detailing services to washing your vehicle every weekend, there’s no doubt that you’re completely dedicated to the well-being of your vehicle. But the question is, are you following the right ways to clean and maintain your car?

Our professional detailers providing Calgary car detailing services believe that mastering the art of car care is not an easy task. There are a number of key steps required to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. In this blog, we will provide you with a list of dos and don’ts of detailing a car. Keep reading till the end.

Car detailing in Calgary

Dos and Don’ts That Car Owners Should Follow When Washing a Car

From keeping your car in a proper working condition to making it look brand-new, a proper car wash has numerous benefits. To help you keep your car in the best condition, here are some tips that you should consider when getting your car detailed.

Things You Need todoWhen Washing a Car

  • Choose the Right Shampoo

When washing a car, never use household washing-up liquid or detergents to wash it as they can damage your car paint. When you take your vehicle for car detailing services, professional detailers always use premium quality shampoo. It has a silky, soapy feel due to the presence of added lubricants, which not only removes the dust and dirt but also makes sure that your car paint is not harmed in any way.

  • Use a Microfiber Towel

Leaving your car to dry under the sun causes watermarks to appear on the surface. That’s the reason why professional detailers use a soft microfiber towel carefully and gently to absorb the excess moisture and then leave it to dry naturally.

If you are a resident of Calgary or nearby areas, you can opt for Calgary car detailing services at Calgary Car Detailing. Our experts only use premium-quality tools and products to make sure your car looks as new as possible.

  • Apply the Polish Using a Buffer

When you take your vehicle for polishing, the professionals use a buffer to apply the polish properly on the car’s surface. The major reason behind using a buffer is that it offers the perfect amount of pressure and exhibits a greater effect after the polishing is completed.

Things You Shouldn’t  DoWhen Washing a Car

  • Never Use a Sponge

Remember, a sponge is not a good idea as it tends to be flat-faced and quite dense, which can be the cause of swirl marks in car paintwork. That’s why, when someone opts for services for exterior detailing in Calgary or any other location, professionals always prefer to use microfiber towels and surface mitts. They are more absorbent and protect the paintwork as well.

  • Don’t Put too Many Layers of Wax on Your Car

If you think the more the wax, the shinier your car will be, you are wrong! Putting too many layers on your car can produce streaks and leave stains that may require rework. For this reason, the experts believe in the ‘less is more’ concept when waxing a car.

  • Never Wash With Soap First

Do you really think professional car detailers start by directly using soap on the car exterior? Absolutely not! They apply a water stream to rinse away any loose contamination and then use cleaning solutions to make your car sparkling clean. Rinsing the car thoroughly before washing it with soap will not only help you remove debris but also protect the paint from scratches.

Final Thoughts:

Washing your car properly is a worthwhile decision and now that you know the dos and don’ts, you just have to keep these points in mind.  If you are in search of a reputable facility that offers the best Calgary car detailing services, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With over 16 years of experience in the field, we take pride in providing top-notch car detailing services under one roof. For details, call on 403-370-5050.