21March, 2016

Consider Car Detailing to Safeguard Your Vehicle

Car detailing safeguard

It can’t be denied that in rush of today’s world a car is one of the go-to saviours. Be it for rushing out to work, or travelling with family or going anywhere; we can’t think of stepping out without a car. Many owners treat their cars as basic entity of daily living; a mode of transportation, a comfy zone to work on laptop or even a luggage rack!

It’s important to put end to a few things that we love doing to our car. Each of these actions cause etching, staining or scratching. Refraining from doing these things can save a vehicle from serious damage. A few of these ‘dos and don’ts’ are enlisted below:

Car detailing safeguard

Stop resting luggage on car: Bear in mind that heavy luggage are likely to damage your car quiet badly. Heavy loads, backpacks or grocery bags staked on a car’s roof-rack causes a huge pressure on a car and its tyres. Sometime, this unbearable pressure ruins both the exterior and interior of a vehicle. Remember, your car is not always sturdy enough to deal with hefty loads. Moreover, these bulky items leave scratches with every rough canvas, zippers, leather and other rough objects. For a solution, try to carry light-weight luggage, if possible. Instead of staking them up on a car-rack, set them up on floor. That little effort of bending over to pick them up won’t kill you!

Stop putting coffee cups on its roof: A common mistake we do unconsciously is to keep coffee/ tea cups on a car roof to free our hands. The tiny ring of cup’s cardboard or even of metal mugs can scratch the car paint. Coffee or tea spilled on car-roof even worsens the situation. These stains don’t wait too long to set. So, if not rinsed instantly, these stains tend to sit permanently. These hard-to-remove micro-scratches or stains ruin the beauty of a vehicle’s exterior. From next time, make sure to keep your coffee cup away from your car. And always consider taking professional help to remove such stubborn stains.

Stop eating while driving: Eating inside your car is certainly not a habit to encourage. Your hands get greasy while eating. It is not always possible to wash them off with water. There is always a risk that you transfer the grease to areas which you touch with your unwashed hands. This grease, when passed on to your car’s seat or steering, makes them dirty and damaged quicker. Even the natural oil of your palm or fingers is equally responsible for greasing it up. It is also impossible to wash your hand each time you drive. And don’t make it worse with those oily-crispy snacks! Make sure to get in touch with the professional detailers in Calgary who work hard to remove unwanted grease & stains from your vehicle.

Don’t rub blemish with finger: Remember, it’s your finger; and indeed not a cleaner! Fingers might seem helpful in warding off stains, water spots or coffee spill etc. from a car. But, this is nothing but just a horrible misconception. It’s not your fingers, but the effective cleansers which can really help in this regard. Without proper chemicals or lubricants, any friction of such wrong-efforts can cause damage or scratches to your vehicle. The best idea to turn your car spic-and-span is to rely on professional car detailing services in Calgary. Backed with effective cleansing equipments the detailers bring your car back to its tip-top state.

Consider professional help: There are few professional firms that offer impeccable detailing services in Calgary NE. From cleaning to polishing and waxing; car detailing Calgary NE is always one step ahead in fitting your requirements. The professional services generally include methodical vacuuming, trim and vinyl plastic cleaning, interior deodorizing, cleaning windows and mirrors, leather, carpet and upholstery shampooing and conditioning, application of protectants on leather, knobs, handles, buttons and vents.

Nail down your car-care ritual with these dos & don’ts for a happy ride.