24July, 2020

What Makes a Car Interior Detailing Service Always Effective?

car interior detailing service

A well-kept car is much more than having a spotlessly shining exterior. If your interior is in a poor condition and lacks maintenance, unfortunately, you are not doing much to keep your vehicle in a pristine state. Overlooking the importance of proper car interior maintenance can, in turn, greet you with frequent car issues like engine wear, damaged parts, poor safety and health problems, among others. The dirty air vents are the perfect source of allergen inside your car. The streaks and haze on the windows and mirrors will certainly hinder clear view while driving. The stubborn stains on the seat will give off the most horrible stink from your car’s interior. Thankfully, with professional car interior detailing , all these consequences are entirely avoidable.

Detailing your car interior from any reputable facility can provide you with some remarkable results. And do you know what makes a professional car detailing service so effective? It is because of the stepwise approach that is followed. Let us look at how professionally detailing your car interior can gift you with an impressive outcome.

car interior detailing service

What Happens in a Car Interior Detailing Service?

  1. Vacuuming : Loose dirt accumulates in every corner inside the car – under the seats and carpet, floor mats, upholstery, crevices, etc. and vacuuming removes it all more effectively. The floor mats are taken out and the dust and grit are shaken off. The floorboards, under the seats and around the pedals are vacuumed. The dashboard, center console and seats are vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. The cracks and crevices are cleaned with a crevice tool since these are small openings and difficult to clean areas. The leather seats are also vacuumed carefully to make leather cleaning (a step done later) more efficient.
  2. Plastic and vinyl cleaning : Cleaning the vinyl surface is as important as cleaning the floor. You can tell whether your interior car cleaning has been successful from how the vinyl surface looks. The detailer first wipes down all the plastic and vinyl surfaces with a clean cloth. A vinyl cleaner is then used to remove stains from the vinyl and plastic surfaces of your car interior like door panels, glove box, dash panels, steering wheel and central console. Finally, your car’s vinyl and plastic areas look perfectly unblemished, unlike before.
  3. Leather cleaning : This is the third most important step in an interior car detailing service. In a recognized facility for interior car wash Calgary NW, a specially formulated leather cleaning solution is used to effectively remove stains from the seats while ensuring no damage. The edges and crevices are cleaned properly while the seats are gently wiped with the cleaning solution. After cleaning, the leather seats are also reconditioned to keep the leather protected.
  4. Cleaning the steering wheel & dashboard : Whether you use your car everyday or not, your steering wheel is likely to be the storehouse of dirt and disease-causing germs and hence, it needs to be deeply cleansed. Professional car interior cleaning involves the removal of stains and dirt from the dashboard and steering wheel using a microfiber cloth and a good-quality cleaner. A polishing agent is also used to offer added shine to the dashboard.

 Other steps include:

  • Cleaning the floorboard carpet
  • Door and window cleaning

Conclusion : There you go. Now you have a sparkling clean and spotless car interior, all ready to be appreciated. A clean interior not only keeps your car hygienic but is also a source of happy mood. In fact, a recent study by IMO revealed that 74% of drivers agreed that driving a clean car makes them happier. So, is a professional car interior detailing service worth your time and money? Well, the answer will be best given by you! Calgary Car Detailing is a well-known car detailing facility offering exterior and interior car detailing services. Engage the experts and get back your car interior in flawless condition.