17July, 2020

Car Detailing Services- How to Keep Your Black Car New Forever

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So far we’ve discussed everything about maintaining a car of every colour – blue, pink, red, green, silver, grey, brown and so on. But today, for a change, our focus is going to be about maintaining the super attractive and one of the most desirable car colours – black. Buying a black car is a fantasy for many. Whether it is Lexus, Infiniti, Hyundai, Ford or SUV, there is not a greater replacement for a gorgeous black car. Interestingly, if you have ever observed carefully, there is a larger number of silver coloured cars on the roads even though the majority loves black cars. Do you know the reason? Well, people are intimidated due to the great deal of effort required to maintain a black coloured car. Thankfully, with professional car detailing services, keeping your black beauty in good shape is no more an arduous experience as it used to be.

In this blog, we shall share some golden rules for keeping your black pride forever new and shining. Let’s dive in!

full service car wash Calgary

Golden Rules for Keeping Your Black Car Well-Maintained

  1. Clean with high-quality products : When you own something as precious as a black car, it deserves nothing but the best-in-class treatment. And it all begins with using premium quality car wash products. It is important to note that even the slightest touch of anything harsh can produce a hairline scratch on the black exterior. The best way to avoid this is by using the softest material like a microfiber towel and not any other cloth. At car detailing centres, the professionals use soft and washable microfiber mitt to clean the body and wheels gently yet effectively. Moreover, the cleaning products are all professional-grade and specially formulated for detailing dark coloured vehicles only.
  1. Drying the vehicle correctly : The second reason why black cars are more prone to scratches is due to the incorrect drying technique. Besides using a scratch-free microfiber drying towel that comes with reduced friction points, the technique of drying is also an important consideration. Professional detailers lay the microfiber towel flat on the car exterior and pat it dry instead of dragging it across. This eliminates the chances of forming any scratches and of course, absorbs moisture too.
  1. Applying wax : Car wax is synonymous to the sunscreen that you apply before going out; it protects the car’s exterior from the harmful sun’s rays and retains the gloss. After all, isn’t this mirror-like shine one of the greatest reasons for loving the black colour? According to the experts offering car detailing services, waxing your black car twice a year, once before summer and winter, will keep your vehicle gleaming. At car detailing centres, the professionals always use a car wax that is specifically formulated for black cars only. As a consequence, after waxing, your black car flaunts a darker and deeper reflection unlike before. You may even find those light scratches missing from the exterior!
  1. Say ‘NO’ to automatic car washes : That’s right. No matter how tempting the automatic car washes appear to be, don’t forget that those spinning brushes inside an automatic car wash facility, will not only clean the toughest dirt and grime but will also create permanent (and horrible) scratches on your car’s exterior. So, what’s the alternative? Of course, a manually performed full service car wash Calgary. The professionals are well-versed with the techniques of detailing a black car; they will use the highest-quality products and tools particularly suitable for black coloured cars.

Conclusion: Now you know that maintaining a black painted car isn’t a major challenge as it appears to be. By opting for professional car detailing services from time to time, you can work smart (and not hard!) to have a brilliantly shining black vehicle throughout the year. So, turn a deaf year to anyone who claims maintaining a black coloured vehicle is complicated for you already know the maintenance secrets. Calgary Car Detailing is reputable for providing first-class detailing services for all kinds of vehicles. Whether it is complete detailing, headlight restoration, paint protection, or waxing and polishing, the professionals are experts in providing well-rounded care for your car.