27November, 2020

Can Car Detailing Calgary Clear Scratches from the Paintwork?

car detailing Calgary

A scratch can be only a minor seven letter word but when you find a series of scratches on your car, it’s a really depressing and worrisome sight. You instantly think of getting the scratches removed for unless they disappear, you remain jittery and unsettled. Whether your car brushed against another vehicle while driving or you find a few fine lines left on your car’s body after coming out of a restaurant, scratches on your car can certainly ruin your happiness. Now that your perfectly clean and shining vehicle has a couple of scratches, fixing the problem is your top priority, isn’t it? But you know what? Removing scratches off your car’s exterior is not a daunting task anymore. You could either fix it yourself or choose a more reliable option – a professional car detailing Calgary service.

Before going for car detailing, you must understand why removing deep scratches from your car is extensive work. The scratch exposes the metal beneath the painted surface to pollution, sunlight and other agents, inviting more damage. Moreover, don’t scratches spoil your car’s stylish and polished appeal? As a highly effective treatment, auto detailing can remove scratches and give back the spotless look to your car. Let’s find out how!

car detailing Calgary

How Car Detailing Works to Treat Clear Coat Scratches

Your car must be protected from the harmful elements of the environment. Climatic factors like direct exposure to sunlight, snow and rain or if your car collides with another vehicle and gets scratched, the condition can aggravate, calling for an expensive repair job. A car detailing Calgary service can remove scratches in the following two ways:

  1. Claying and waxing treatment: The vehicle is first washed and cleaned to remove dust, dirt and grime from the exterior. A clay bar is then slowly glided along the affected area of the car. The clay bar picks up the dirt and other particulates from that area to leave behind a shiny smooth surface. It is important to note that a clay bar doesn’t contain abrasives. As a result, scratches aren’t eliminated but it protects your vehicle from further damage and restores the smoothness of your car paint.

    Claying alone is not effective in removing the scratches. For this reason, it is combined with waxing. The professionals apply top-quality car waxes and compounds on the scratched surface in a circular motion till the scratches are eliminated. In the end, your car has the perfect glossy look, this time without the scratches!

  1. Paint correction: While claying and waxing can treat minor scratches and scuffs, for deeper scratches, opting for a paint correction service is your best bet. Scratches when get embedded into the paintwork, it develops into deep scratches. This usually happens if sharp objects like rocks, knives or scissors come in contact with the paint. Nevertheless, you can rely on the expertise of a professional detailer who can repair the scratch successfully. Either scratch and swirl removal products containing polishing agents are used or paste polishing compounds are more aggressively rubbed on the scratched area in a circular motion. The entire process is repeated as many times as required. Finally, a paint protection film is added on the car’s exterior to protect the paint job from further scratches and contaminants.

    The service is rounded off by adding a primer or clear coat and the scratched surface is touched up with fresh paint.

Final thoughts: Scratches have the power to completely impair the look and value of your investment. Besides, if ignored for too long, the scratch can invite more expensive consequences, to say the least. Rather than being experimental and trying out the quick DIY solutions, be wise and visit a reputable car detailing Calgary facility like Calgary Car Detailing where the highly-qualified detailers are equipped with the best techniques to address scratches, scuffs and swirl marks by employing premium quality products and tools.