28December, 2022

What Are the Best Ways to Clean the Wheels of Your Car?

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As a car owner, you try to do everything to ensure your ride stays in top-notch condition. However, regardless of how carefully you drive, it is almost impossible to protect your car from external factors like road dust, dirt, pollution, and harmful UV rays that can wreak havoc on your car. Further, brake dust from rubbing pads against drums can get embedded on alloy wheels. However, if you live in or around Calgary, you can easily keep your car in top-class condition. All you have to do is visit Calgary Car Detailing and book our services for exterior detailing in Calgary. From washing your car thoroughly to polishing, buffing, and waxing the surface, our detailers employ a step-by-step approach to perform exterior car detailing.

Having said that cleaning wheels safely is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the old car look. And since they are continually exposed to elements such as road dirt and corrosive brake dust, wheels are also the dirtiest part of your car. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most sought-after ways to keep your car wheels clean.

exterior detailing in Calgary

Most Effective Ways to Clean the Wheels of Your Car

Keeping the wheels of your car clean provides you with a glitzy look. Read on to know about the best ways to clean your car wheels.

  • Remove Loose Contaminants

As mentioned earlier, wheels are full of numerous dirty compounds and buildups that can get embedded on the wheels and inside wheel wells and interfere with your car’s look. So, begin by cleaning the wheels thoroughly every week. You can remove loose dust and debris from the rim with a pressure washer or hose. However, while using a hose make sure that it has a powerful stream so that it can remove the grime from the outer surface of the wheels.

In case you are a new car owner and need a car detailing facility in Calgary that can get your car wheels cleaned professionally, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. From exterior and interior car detailing to waxing your car, we offer a wide range of services for car detailing in Calgary NW.

  • Apply a Good-quality Car Wheel Cleaner

Once you have washed the wheels, use a non-abrasive, non-acidic, and safe car wheel cleaning product. Leave the wheel cleaner for a few minutes to soak up the dirt and dust. Then, scrub the grime away with a wheel cleaning brush. You can also spray the cleaner on both the outside and inside of the wheel wells to ensure all hard-to-reach areas are covered.

  • Rinse and Dry the Wheels

Using the hose or pressure washer, clean the wheels to remove any accumulated particles. Make sure no traces of cleaner are left behind, as they can create an unsightly residue and streaks.

To soak up standing water, run a microfiber cloth over the wheels from top to bottom. This will help you prevent any water spots or streaks from forming on the clean wheels. Many car owners often use rags to wipe the wheels. But you know, as ordinary rags are coarser, they can leave tiny scratches on your wheels. This is why our professionals offering services for exterior detailing in Calgary always recommend using a soft microfiber cloth as it is more absorbent and softer than other materials.

  • Apply a High-quality Wheel Sealant

Finally, choose a premium-quality sealant and apply it to the wheels. Once applied, sealants form a protective layer that acts as a barrier against tar, grease, brake dust, dirt, and other materials from getting embedded into the wheels and also help prevent the appearance of your car wheels. However, make sure to apply the sealant thoroughly, including the rim, and wheel wells, until there are no visible streaks. A quality ceramic coating on wheels will keep them protected longer.

The Bottom Line

By following a regular car maintenance routine, you can easily keep the wheels of your car clean and in well-maintained condition. Should you be looking for a reputable car detailing company, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 12 years of experience, we offer one of the best services for exterior detailing in Calgary. For details, call us at 403-370-5050.