20August, 2015

Best Auto Detailing Services Include Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash

If you own a car, then you must be very careful about its maintenance. You may think that you go for regular car wash service and check the tire, oils and all. Do you let your car go through hand wash procedure? Sadly, many people do not care about hand wash and rely on automatic washes. Automatic wash is not fully capable of perfect cleaning, which a hand car wash can easily do. Therefore, when you choose a car detailing service provider in Calgary, make sure that it includes hand car wash facility.

Hand Car Wash

Choose Detailing Packages with Hand Wash

Every car detailing service company provides various packages. Make sure that each of these packages include hand wash and hand drying. In case of exterior, you will get services like waxing, cleaning and shining of out parts. While cleaning the interior, the hand car wash service provider should ensure thorough vacuuming, clearing windows and floor mats along with cleaning and conditioning leather seats and deodorizing the interior. If you choose more exclusive packages, then you will get services like shampooing, streaming and cleaning of leather, vents, button knob gages, etc.

Why Hand Washing is important for Car Detailing?

There are certain areas that automatic wash cannot reach, but hand wash can easily reach the problem areas and clean. Hand washing identifies the trouble spots and provide extra attention for perfect cleaning. Drying with an automatic machine can leave unwanted spots in your car’s body, which is not possible when you dry the car using hand with less scratching and water spotting. Last but not the least, proper detailing of your vehicle can increase its value, which means you will get a good price of your investment while selling it.

Professional Expertise

Some people think that there is not much into hand car washing and anyone can do it. This is definitely not correct because all the auto-detailing services in Calgary or anywhere else include hand car wash process conducted only by the professionals. It requires proper expertise and techniques, which is not possible for everyone to attain. The auto detailing companies hire these experts after thorough evaluation to ascertain that the cars are perfectly washed and cleaned to satisfy their clients.

Selection of Right Products

It is true that the experts perform the task of hand car wash. However, it cannot be denied that the process also needs right products for the best results. If you do not use the right shampoo or brushes, then it may not be good for your car and its upholsteries. Therefore, a good detailing agency is also particular about selecting the right products that are suitable for perfect hand car washing.

Therefore, it is evident that whichever auto detailing package you choose, it is important to include hand car wash. There are several professional hand car wash service providers available in Calgary, and all you need to do is search for a genuine one that can help you save money in the long run.