28May, 2016

5 Things to Follow for Effective Hand Car Wash

Hand car wash Calgary

Your hands are the only tools for attaining best results. Same principle is applicable when you wash your car. Other than hands, you need to apply your skills in right direction. Choosing hand car wash is a great way of saving money as labor from external source is not required.

Park car in shade

Have you found a perfect place to perform the self service hand car wash in Calgary? If yes, then you will get all the required materials that are required for washing your car. However, following certain tips will make your mission successful.

Park the Car in Shade

If your car was parked under sun for a long time, then you should park the vehicle in the shade once you bring it at the auto detailing station in Calgary. When the car body becomes cool, you can apply soap, which will last for a long time. Then only the rinsing becomes effective as no spot formation takes place.

Use Hose

When you wash your car with buckets, most of the water goes wasted. If you are residing in an area reeling under water shortage, then you need to apply some smart techniques for conserving water. Ask the servicing in-charge of the detailing center to provide you with hose. Ensure that the hose has nozzle fitted to it. The choice of the nozzle depends on you.

Keep Sponges and Towels Ready by Your Side

The process of washing begins by rinsing the car with water. This is done to loosen the dirt accumulated in various parts of the vehicle. You need to apply soap by selecting sections one by one.

Calgary car detailing

For attaining the best results, you need to use a fresh sponge or towel every time for applying the soap, rinsing and drying. This process will not carry dirt and prevent scratch formation on the body. If you do not want to raise the material cost, then you need to clean the sponges and towels with separate cleaning agent after you finish off with each section.

Avoid Washing in Circular Motion

While detailing your car, you should not wash the same in circular motion. Apply strokes in straight lines to attain effective cleansing. Rubbing sponge or towel in straight lines ensures even wash.

Spraying the car with water or soap solution is an important task. Spraying should also be done at the undercarriage. This method loosens the dirt and removes bugs which may enter the crevices of the vehicle.

Vacuuming the Interior

In order to clean the inside of the car, ask the service manager to provide you with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner, which is fitted hose, is suitable for cleaning the entire vehicle. However, you need to use special cleaning agent to clean the dashboard.

interior car wash with vaccum cleaner

These are some of the tips that you need to follow while opting self served hand car wash at a car detailing center in Calgary NE. While washing your car, apply straight strokes with sponge or towel to get the best result.