26August, 2022

How to Clean Tinted Windows –Car Tinted Windows Care

Car Tinted Windows Care

Your car cleaning routine should include window cleaning. It’s not just a problem for visibility when your windows are dirty, it looks awful too. Pets and children often touch the windows, leaving prints and smudges. Dirt can cause visibility to decrease even more on tinted windows.

Car Tinted Windows Care

What not to use

You should not use any ammonia-based window cleaner

Make sure you don’t use harsh sponges

Avoid brushes with hard bristles

Cleaning products that aren’t meant for windows

Avoid contact with an interior dressing that makes windows hazy

Here’s what to use

Use a soft microfiber with any window cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Yes, you can use the AMMONIA-free Windex window cleaner. Besides ammonia, there are other chemicals that can damage tint films. Because window cleaners come in different chemical formulations, it’s so important to read the label. Most window cleaners will say if they’re tint-safe.

How to make your own tint-safe glass cleaner

Did you know that technicians use baby soap to clean windows and make surfaces slippery prior to tinting windows? In a clean spray bottle, add a squirt of baby shampoo and fill the rest with tap water. Give it a good shake to mix it up. Avoid spraying it directly on the windows, as it can leave a residue on door trims. Spray the solution on the microfiber and wipe off the dirt from the windows. With a wet microfiber, wipe off the soap scum, then wipe it off with a dry microfiber.

Professional opinion

Waqas, an XPEL factory-trained window tinting Calgary technician, recommends XPEL anti-static window tint glass cleaner. In addition, he recommended avoiding ammonia-based window cleaners and harsh scrubs that can scratch or damage the film. The best glass cleaner for tinted windows is the one that is specifically designed for it.

He also said that while most high-quality tinting films have lifetime warranties, physical abuse or improper care isn’t likely to be covered by the manufacturer. Tint films aren’t as tough as paint protection films because of their different purpose.

How to clean tint glue

After you remove the tint film. You can remove tint glue with XPEL tint glue remover. Alternatively, you can hire Calgary Window Tinting for tint removal.