25February, 2021

4 Best Reasons to Book a Full Service Car Wash in Calgary

full service car wash in Calgary

Glossy, clean and spotless. That’s exactly how your car should look when you drive around, turning heads as you pass by. Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition isn’t a walk in the park. You bathe your car in soap and water every Sunday and that’s great. But is it enough to remove the deep-seated upholstery stains, grime and dirt embedded on the exterior? How are you going to address the fine lines and scratches on the paintwork with only soap and water? That’s why you’re strongly advised to avail a professional full service car wash Calgary every month.

A full service car wash cleans both the exterior and interior of your vehicle by going beyond the usual soap and water regime. Not every car has the same cleaning needs. That’s why, a full service car wash at an established car detailing facility is tailored to suit your cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Let’s get the details about this type of car wash straight!

Full service car wash Calgary

Things to Know About a Full Service Car Wash in Calgary

  1. Hand wash & dry: What’s the safest way to wash your car and protect the paintwork? It’s by hand washing. The paintwork is more prone to having scratches and swirl marks when going through an automatic car wash system. Besides, cars often have water spots due to inappropriate ways of drying. At a full service car wash facility, there are well-trained professionals who wash every nook and corner of your vehicle by hand and even hand dry with soft, clean microfiber cloths. 
  1. A wide array of services: There’s a reason why we said a full service car wash in Calgary is more than a quick wash with soap and water. The professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality auto detailing services to extend your car’s life and keep it well-maintained. Here are the automobile maintenance services you can avail from a full service car wash facility: 
  • Car polishing, waxing, application of paint protection film
  • Engine cleaning
  • Headlights restoration
  • Exterior and interior detailing
  • Tire and wheel detailing
  • Upholstery cleaning and maintenance
  • Ceramic PRO paint protection
  • Fabric guard

All these services help you to retain the perfect health of your car, both cosmetically and functionally. 

  1. First-class detailing products: Unless you’re a car detailing expert, you won’t know which detailing products are best suited for your car. Also, when you go for cheap car washes, you pay (unnecessarily) to get your car washed with chemical and abrasive-laden products that are only good for damaging the paintwork. For this reason, you must always avail a full service car wash from a trusted facility like Car Detailing Calgary. The professionals use detailing products from renowned brands like Meguiar’s, Mothers, Turtle Wax and others. Due to this, it adds great value to your car and enhances their business reputation. 
  1. Professionalism at its best: Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any noteworthy full service car wash business. You can stay assured of paying for a premium quality service performed by skilled and well-trained professionals who take excellent care of your vehicle, as if it’s their own. They strive to live up to your expectations and take all the measures to provide you with pleasing results. 

Where Can I Book the Best Full Service Car Wash in Calgary? 

Calgary Car Detailing is distinguished for offering top-quality full service car wash in Calgary. The team comprises highly-qualified and dedicated professionals who can assess your car’s cleaning requirements and pay attention to every detail while cleaning your vehicle. Our full service car wash includes exterior and interior detailing wherein we hand wash and hand dry, clean the tires and wheels, vacuum the interior thoroughly, steam clean and condition the leather seats, shampoo the carpets, seats and upholstery and do a lot more. To book our service.