29December, 2015

5 Car Care Resolutions for This New Year

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How to be a better vehicle owner in 2016? Taking better care of your car not only makes you a pride owner, but also a responsible citizen to avoid road accidents. The snowy roads in Calgary have resulted in more than 300 car crashes on the eve of Christmas. No one can beat worse climatic conditions, but taking proper care of your car can improve its performance and save lives. Thus, bank on these 5 New Year car care resolutions mentioned below.

Car Wash in Calgary

1. Make your car winter-ready

This a comprehensive step, but also deserves to be on top of the list because the beginning of the year falls amidst the chilling winter. Keep your vehicle serviced with timely changing of fluids; ensure antifreeze level and radiator; check tire pressure and tread depth; put “no-freeze” wiper fluid mixture in the fluid reservoir and keep the gas tank full all the times. Also, flushing the cooling system every couple of years removes the dirt, residues and dust particles that potentially clog the system. Do not forget to include winter-care emergency kit in your car, as the winter survival kit can save life at the time of road emergencies.

2. Schedule car check-up thrice a year

Seasonal check-ups and regular maintenance can maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and also boost its performance. Bring it to a professional car detailing service provider in Calgary as the trained technician can detect potential defects, nipping expensive repairs in the sprout.

3. Neat and clean interior

Spilled sodas; food crumbs and dirt from the shoes make the interior of your car look and smell filthy. Go for a professional company that offers interior car wash in Calgary NW in budget-friendly prices. The interior car cleaning packages usually include thorough vacuuming, deodorizing, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery shampooing and steam cleaning, floor mat washing, buttons knobs and vinyl plastic cleaning.

4. Say yes to car wash

Let the coming year be full of washing and cleaning affairs! The more you pay attention in cleaning and washing your vehicle, the less you have to spend on exterior paint, polishing and waxing. The specially formulated car cleaning products and mixtures can protect the paint finish for a longer period of time.

5. Pay attention to the lights

Fog, smear and haze cast a plastic oxidation that makes the headlight hazy and yellowish after years of driving. You can get rid of that oxidation by proper cleaning of the headlights. It not only makes your vehicle look new, but also facilitate unobstructed and safe travel. Bring your car to the Calgary car detailing service center so that experts can restore your clouded, yellowed and hazy headlights.

Keep these 5 resolutions in mind all year round to make sure you are driving safely with a car that performs better.