20July, 2018

Top 10 Car Detailing Myths to Completely Avoid or Share

Car Detailing Myths

Car owners should take care of their vehicles as their family members. We believe that you don’t need any such advice from our end but what if you are holding some myths in your mind, thanks to some myths popular in the market. In such a situation, you should believe in the words of the services for Calgary car detailing. Gather knowledge and refrain from sharing rumours which would gradually snowball into myths.


Car Detailing Myths


  1. Dish washing detergents are enough: If you could allow a cheaper replacement to a car cleaning agent to scrap off the necessary polymers which play crucial roles in keeping intact the shine of your vehicle, then it is okay. On a serious note, dishwashing detergents are ideal for what they are meant to be. It is better to buy a soft detergent for washing the external body of your vehicle.
  2. A shining car is clean: What meets the eyes might not be true at all. To test it, you could rub your hands over the seemingly clear car body and find it rough proving our statement.
  3. No fixed time for car washing: If you think that it is okay to wash a vehicle parked for a considerable amount of time in the sun, you might wonder why the spots and soap deposits appear after you finish off with the task? The story would have been different had you waited for its cooling.
  4. Wash only when the car is dirty: Don’t wait for a kid in your neighbourhood to leave a ‘Please wash me’ message on your car but make the task of washing it, a regular habit. Prolonged accumulation of dirt could rip off the wax and damage the paint finish.
  5. No difference between cleaning and washing: No one could equate between the elaborate processes of car cleaning in Calgary NW and the simple washing of the external body of your vehicle. You must repeat the former process for a number of times in a year.
  6. No difference between polishing and waxing: Polishing focuses on maintaining the shine of the external body of the car while waxing primarily protect the vehicle’s finish.
  7. Waxing could remove swirl marks: It depends on the extent of its depth. The minor scratches could be fixed by paint cleaners while the serious ones need professional services for car waxing in Calgary.
  8. Wax protection could last for at least 1 year: Such guarantees are for marketing purposes and nothing more. It depends on the weather or the place where the car is parked for a long time.
  9. Post waxing, there is no need of painting: Paint finishes are necessary to fix the damages like tire rubber and tree sap.
  10. T-shirts and flannel are good examples of cleaning clothes: Unlike the microfibers, the plain surfaces of T-shirts or flannel are not ideal in picking up the dirt particles. They would grind the dirt particles on the paint finishes and damage them further.


Twice or thrice services of car detailing are necessary for maintaining a car in its best shape. You should consult with the reputed services for auto detailing in Calgary.