16December, 2016

Things to be Included in a Full Car Detailing Service in Calgary

Car detailing Calgary

Car detailing is a very important preventive maintainance measure you can rely on to groom your four wheel. Besides protecting your vehicle from the harsh impacts of climate and pollution, a complete detailing can also help restore its lustre. Now, a majority of us don’t detail our cars because we lack proper knowledge about the process. It might apparently seem overwhelming and daunting, but the truth is that detailing is one of the best ways of taking care of a vehicle. You will be surprised at how easily and cost-effectively you can groom your automobile and make it look like brand new. Make sure your car detailing service includes the followings.

Car detailing Calgary

Paint care

The paint on your vehicle is the most delicate thing. The reputed detailers deal with the car paint in a three-steps procedure that aims to clean, correct and protect the paint surface. Cleansing, the first step, consists of washing and drying the vehicle to remove dirt and grime. The subsequent step is bar application. It aids in removing contaminants in the clear coat like metal particles, industrial fallouts, dirt and tar. Once it’s done, the car paint will be polished to remove the fine scratches or swirl marks before being sealed by waxing. It can protect the paint and helps it shine.

Wheels and chassis

The chassis and undercarriage of your vehicle must be cleaned along with the rest of the exterior. The intricate areas around the wheel wells and many other major suspension components; i.e. roll bars, control arms, etc. are also important to detail. The inner liners and plastic splash guards should be wrapped with a plastic protectant, and tires and wheels should be washed throughly before being wrapped in a protectant which can enhance their luster and protect from cracking.

Take care of the headlights, taillights and exterior trim

Several detailing services will apply a polishing compound to the headlights and taillights showcasing the signs of oxidation. However, it’s an important step to seal them completely after wards with a plastic sealant. The chrome trim must be cleaned and any plastic trim or vinyl should be wrapped with a protectant to help them resist fading and cracking. In addition to rubbers and plastics, different detailing services can clean the chrome or polished exhaust tips as part of their servicers.

Engine bay

Though, many detailing companies don’t include engine bay detailing in their standard packages, but only a diligent car owner knows how important it is. To begin any component prone to water damage must be wrapped and protected from water. The engine bay can either be steam cleaned or lightly misted with water and subsequently cleaned with a suitable degreaser before it’s rinsed off. Once dried properly, all rubber and plastic components can be dressed with a engine bay safe silicone free dressing from a reputed manufacturer, to prevent them from cracking and to give them shine.

Interior detailing

A complete car detailing is incomplete without the interior detailing. The carpet and seat cleaning should be included in the interior detailing process. It’s generally done either by using a steam cleaner or by shampooing. Additionally, all the plastics and vinyl must be properly cleaned. Also, the leather seat should be cleaned and conditioned. It’s not restricted to the passenger area, and several thorough services will also include the trunk area in the car detailing package.


A bunch of car detailing companies have sprung up at every nook and corner of Calgary. With a number of detailers claiming to fame it’s difficult to narrow down a truly reputable car detailing facility in Calgary. It’s advisable that only after a thorough research, you should opt for the vehicle detailers. Go ahead and follow these steps to ensure a proper detailing of your prized possession.