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Calgary car detailing services

Remember the day when you first purchased your dream car? It was indeed one of the happiest days of your life. You couldn’t resist showing it off and turn those heads on the road! The joy of steering a brand new car that you can proudly call your own is simply indescribable. You wanted to do every possible thing to keep your car’s brand new condition intact. However, over the years, with increased usage, your car’s gleam and glamour seemed to die out and now, it doesn’t look brand new anymore. Losing hope already? Don’t because there are two tricks to bring back your car’s former glory – availing professional Calgary car detailing services and following the golden maintenance rules.

Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition takes a little more than the usual car washing. Maintaining a car can be challenging if that is how you look at it. A few simple car maintenance rules go a long way in enhancing the appeal and increasing the longevity of your wheeled pride. Keep on reading the blog!

Calgary car detailing services

Maintenance Rules to Keep Your Car’s Exterior in Good Shape

  1. A clean car with regular wash: Turn a deaf ear to those who warn you against regular car wash. If you take the words of professional car detailers, washing your car regularly keeps the car paint clean and preserves the lustre. If you are using your car everyday, dirt and debris are likely to build-up on the exterior and make the paintwork look dull. Not to forget, the debris can leave behind awful scratches and stains on your car’s body. So, why allow such a thing to happen when you can easily prevent it? Should you have difficulty in washing your car at home, visit a professional car wash centre and let the experts do the job for you.
  2. Drying your car in the correct way: Most car owners make the blunder of letting their car dry under the sun after a wash. Well, of course, you can let your car dry on its own but not when water is dripping from the vehicle’s exterior. By doing so, the water droplets after evaporating leave behind minerals that cause water spots on the vehicle. Your car didn’t look like that when it was brand new, right? After washing your car, always pat the exterior dry with a soft microfiber cloth. Be gentle and don’t rub to dry the exterior. The microfiber cloth will absorb excess moisture and prevent the formation of unattractive water marks.
  3. Use of top quality car cleaning products: Do you know the secret that always makes professional car washes in Calgary NW a clear winner? It is because they use only specially formulated professional grade products to clean the vehicles. These products do not contain any abrasive chemicals that may damage the paintwork or adversely affect the appeal of the car exterior. Besides, the professionals also use the right cleaning tools like brush, sponge and microfiber cloth to scrub away the stubborn dirt without destroying the paint. That is why they say there’s no bigger joy than going for a professional car wash every week and seeing your pride wearing the best look.

Wrapping up: In addition to these rules, don’t forget to wax and polish your car as these render the necessary protection against all the environmental elements and ensure the flawless condition of your car. There you go! Now, even you know what it takes to keep your car looking brand new now and forever. Since car washing is a time-consuming task, you can always engage professional Calgary car detailing services and reap the benefits throughout the year.

Exterior Detailing Calgary

Cold winds blowing throughout the day, the pleasure of sneaking underneath the blanket or sitting by the fireside, and the snow amassing all around, winter has made its entry indeed! With the temperature remaining 1 degree Celsius in Calgary, you need to prepare in the best possible way to endure the cold. Not to forget, your car too demands maintenance and is not something that you would want to leave it dirty and damaged for too long. Your vehicle is exposed to the harsh conditions almost everyday and is likely to pick up more dirt that can damage your car in various ways. What your car really needs this winter is a professionalcar cleaning in Calgary NW  or elsewhere, to bestow the perfect winter glamor to your vehicle.

Exterior Detailing Calgary

A clean car never fails to look good and also makes you proud in front of others who are indifferent about how their car looks. We know how difficult it is to keep your car clean and shining all the time throughout winter. But don’t worry! In this blog, we shall tell you some great ways to keep your car clean during the winter months.

Tips to Give The Perfect Winter – Care for Your Car

1. Use Preventive Waxing : Using wax on your car’s exterior is necessary to protect your vehicle from elements that can damage the paintwork. Even in winter, this rule remains unchanged! So don’t be surprised when you go for car polishing in Calgary and see the professionals using high-quality wax on your car’s exterior. It gives your car a protective barrier against corrosion and damage.

2. Are There Any Stone Chips? : This is one of the things that you have to be constantly mindful of your car this winter. Stone chips may look small but have the power to invite corrosion and degradation. Even a small amount of stone chips can damage the entire appeal of your car. In case you find them entrenched on your car’s exterior, be quick enough to visit a professional car detailing centre where the car’s paintwork will be corrected using a buffer and premium car wax.

3. Protecting Your Wheels and Tyres : More than the other parts of your car, it is the wheels and tyres that will receive more damaged. The reason is simple: the wheels and tyres are constantly in contact with abrasive agents like rocks, stones and salt that deteriorates the state of the tyres. For this reason, visit a car wash facility where the professionals performing exterior car detailing will first clean the wheels and tyres and then apply a protective coating that will enable the tyres to endure the toughest conditions.

4. Have Rubber Mats Instead of Carpets : Rubber mats are easier to maintain and have lesser chances of getting spoiled. On the other hand, a little bit of dirt or slushy water can create a permanent stain on your expensive carpet. As for the rubber mats, only a simple wash with soap and foam is enough to leave them clean.

Conclusion: Winter can be the most difficult time of the year but that shouldn’t reflect on your vehicle. You can clean the car yourself or visit a facility providing car washes in Calgary NW and give the best winter-look to your car.  A little bit of planning coupled and careful consideration goes a long way in retaining your car’s appeal and not allowing winter to leave its trail.

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