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car interior detailing in Calgary

Between running errands, attending the office regularly, and visiting a friend’s place, you spend a considerable amount of time in your car. To tell the truth, your car is like your second home. However, with all the dust, dirt, and grime, the exterior and interior of your car are bound to get affected. While you are likely to vacuum and wipe down the car interior surfaces with soap and water on the weekend, availing of professional services for car interior detailing in Calgary or elsewhere is worth it if you want to protect your leather car seats.


Whether you’re taking your daily commute or embarking on a road trip, there is nothing better than sitting in a soft and comfortable leather car seat as you are driving to your destination. And unless you are a fan of the patchy cracked look, the leather seats are going to need a lot more attention than your ordinary fabric upholstery. Here are some of the most sought-after ways to keep your leather car seats clean:

car interior detailing in Calgary

Most Effective Ways to Clean Your Leather Car Seats


Failing to clean the leather seats regularly can make the interior of your car unsightly with accumulated dust, stains, and filth. Read on to know about the best ways to keep your leather car seats clean.

  • Thorough Vacuuming

In case you did not get the memo, water and soap won’t do those sprinkles of dirt or food crumbs any favors. So, before you start wiping the seats, don’t forget to vacuum the leather seats properly. The reason is quite simple. If you don’t remove the grit first and just start wiping, the dirt present in the leather car seats might scratch the seats.

  • Using the Right Leather Cleaner

If you want a supple surface, you need to do more than just clean them. You have to make sure they are cleaned and conditioned with good-quality leather cleaners. However, with so many types of cleaners available in the market, finding the right product for your leather seats can be a big challenge. So, why not let the expert detailers take care of it? With extensive experience in the field, professional detailers use premium-quality cleaners that can protect your leather seats from fading due to exposure to UV rays.

If you live in Calgary or nearby areas and are looking for a car detailing company that provides the best services for car interior detailing in Calgary, contact Calgary Car Detailing. From the rubber door moldings and dashboard to leather seats and panel seams, we clean every nook and corner of a car’s interior using the best tools and products.

  • Apply Leather Conditioner

Leather car seats need special care and maintenance. Hence, our professional detailers offering car detailing services in Calgary strongly recommend that you should only use premium-quality water-based, pH-balanced conditioners on them. This way you can maintain the beauty and elegance of the car seats. On the other hand, if you go with the cheapest leather conditioner on the shelf, be ready to spend a lot more money than you think you are saving when you have to replace your leather seats.

  • Cover Your Car’s Windscreen

UV radiation can quickly discolor and dry out the leather, leaving your seats prone to cracking. So, the best way to protect your leather seats from UV damage would be to get your windows and windscreen tinted. Due to any reason, if getting them tinted is not possible, you can also opt for a windscreen cover. It will take the brunt of the UV damage and provide optimal protection to your seats.

  • Wipe With a Microfiber Towel

Once you have washed your seats with the cleaner, you will need a damp microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaner and dirt from the seats. Using a microfiber towel helps remove any abrasive particles loosened during the cleaning process, protecting your car seats from scratches.


Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking to spruce up your current car or you have just bought a new ride, vehicles with leather interiors need a special level of care and maintenance. At Calgary Car Detailing, we offer the best services for car interior detailing in Calgary at competitive rates. Our team only uses professional-grade equipment and top-quality chemical to render the best care for your car interior. For details, visit website.

Sometimes extraordinary pleasure arises from the ordinary. For instance, when you see your leather car seats in a well-maintained state, doesn’t it perk you up? Owning a car is indeed a reason to be proud of. However, at the end of the day, your appreciation for your prized possession reflects how well you maintain it. Speaking about car maintenance, how do you keep your leather car seats shining and sparkling? Wash them regularly? Clean the seats twice a month? Alright! But is a weekly wash enough to protect your leather seats? Don’t contemplate because it isn’t! And that is why you need to avail a service for car interior detailing in Calgary. The professional detailers use good quality leather cleaners, and after the leather seats get dry, a leather conditioner is used to recondition the surface.


Unless you’re a fan of the dry and patchy cracked look, your leather upholstery is going to demand a lot more attention than your bog-standard fabric upholstery. If you want to know the right ways to maintain your leather car seats, then keep reading the blog.

car interior detailing in Calgary

How Interior Car Cleaning Experts Maintain Leather Seats


  1. Vacuum

Vacuuming your leather seats is the most important step when it comes to cleaning them. Not only does it remove loose dirt and debris from the surface, cracks, stitching and crevices but also prevents these substances from becoming ingrained into the leather and ruining its texture.

  1. Wet Wiping the Leather

It is really crucial to remember that you can’t leave your leather seats to air dry by themselves. If you do so, it can warp the leather and cause it to crack. Professionals offering car interior detailing Calgary services use a soft and damp microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dirt and dust particles and prepare the surface for further course of action.

  1. Use the Right Leather Cleaner

When it comes time to get your leather car seats as clean as a whistle, you might want to consider visiting a professional car detailing facility for the best results. As you avail car interior detailing Calgary services, you would get your hands on the best car and material-specific cleaner for your vehicle. The soft-bristled brush used for the step also gives the feasibility to reach the deepest corners of the seats with no hassle.

  1. Apply Leather Conditioner

When you take your vehicle to car detailing specialists, they use high-quality leather conditioners to your leather car seats evenly and generously and also ensure maximum coverage while not allowing the conditioner to accumulate in a single spot. After application, the detailers leave the conditioner for 5-6 hours. This is the optimum time needed for the seats to absorb the conditioner. It keeps the leather super soft, supple and moist while preventing cracking and offering UV protection.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping the interiors of a car clean can not only make your car look as great as new but can also maintain its endurance level. While you can do as much as possible to ensure that the seats don’t get damaged, you cannot avoid it altogether. It is thus, always recommended that you go to professionals for giving your car a quick cleanup. Calgary Car Detailing is a reputable facility for car interior detailing in Calgary. Our experts are well-trained, qualified, and only use premium-quality products to make sure your vehicle looks as new as possible. To know more about our services, call us on 403-370-5050.

They say inner beauty can’t shine through makeup. But when it comes to revamping the inner beauty of your car, there’s nothing better than a professional car interior detailing Calgary service.

Interior car detailing is all about enhancing the beauty on the inside of your vehicle. However, interior detailing is more than what the eyes see. It is not just a way to make your car interior look good but also create a hygienic environment so that you have a positive driving experience every time.

So, why detailing the interior is so important and what does it involve? Let’s get deeper into the details!

Car Interior Detailing in Calgary

What is interior car detailing?

It is a comprehensive process to spruce up your car interior. It begins with a thorough vacuuming of your seats, floor mats, crevices, trunk and everywhere else to remove loose dust, food crumbs and debris.

The upholstery is shampooed and freshened up by employing specialized treatments, depending on the condition and material of the leather seats. From the windows and door knobs to the air vents, steering wheel, hand brake and other car interior surfaces, everything is thoroughly wiped down and polished.

The essential steps included in a professional interior car detailing service

If you’re doubtful whether availing a car interior detailing Calgary service is worth it or a waste of time, you’ve come at the right place! You’d go for professional car interior detailing only if you want to restore cleanliness, hygiene and glamour inside your vehicle.


Professional interior car detailers follow a meticulously planned process, the very reason why it produces brilliant, shinnying results.


  • Vacuuming: As said earlier, the detailer begins by thoroughly vacuuming the car interior, starting from the floor, underneath the seats to the various surfaces, corners, air vents and gearbox. This is a preliminary step done to remove dust particles to maximize the effects of the following steps.
  • Brushing and cleaning: Floor mats are washed with a detailing soap to remove stubborn stains and grime. The center console, vinyl plastic, trim and dash are all deep cleaned by wiping down with a top-quality cleaner. Also, stain removal solutions are used to banish rigid stains and marks.
  • Window cleaning: A good glass cleaner is used to wipe down the glass surfaces and ensure they’re squeaky clean. If there are streaks and spots on the glasses, they are removed effectively. In the end, you have sparkling clean glasses to see the road crystal clear!
  • Leather treatment: Do your leather seats appear dull, lacklustre, full of cracks? Don’t worry! A professional interior car detailing Calgary service also includes leather seat treatment. For this, the detailer applies a leather cleaning solvent all over to clean the spots and stains. It is left for a few hours to dissolve grime, stains and soften the material. After wiping it away, a pH neutral leather conditioner is gently massaged onto the leather. This softens and moisturizes the leather parts, making them smooth and supple.

Where to find the best service for interior car detailing in Calgary?

Calgary Car Detailing is the perfect place to fulfill all your interior car detailing needs. With vast experience of over 16 years in the auto detailing industry, we distinguish ourselves from the rest by providing a comprehensive car interior detailing Calgary service. We employ only the best quality products and tools and your car interior will be detailed by highly qualified and certified professionals. We also provide interior car detailing packages, tailored to suit your requirements. For booking, call 403-370-5050.

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