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Holiday Road Trips

Are you all set to hit the road for a holiday away from home? You can double your fun by ensuring that your vehicle is in tip top shape. So, it’s time to take a break from your holiday shopping and get your car properly detailed by the professional service provider. Nobody likes getting stuck on the roadside, in a snowstorm with a trunk full of luggage as this can ruin your whole holiday plan and even put your safety in danger.

Holiday Road Trips

If you want to make sure that your memorable trip has nothing to do with your vehicle, here are some helpful tips for you.

Carry Out an Immediate Inspection

When you need to drive long distances, minor things like inappropriate wiper blades can make a huge difference. Hence, it is important to verify whether the wiper blades are in good functional condition and ensure you have a full reservoir of washer fluid which is specifically made for winter weather conditions. Test whether the headlights, brake lights, fog lights and turn signals are performing well. Also check that the tire pressure in all four tires is optimal and that none of the tires show any kind of uneven wear.

Get Ready For the Worst

Try to be as prepared as possible for whatever troubles you might come across. Verify that you have an entirely inflated and ready to be used spare tire. Think of investing in a portable battery charger which will enable you to jump start a dead battery with no other car. Take an extra quart of oil and keep it in the trunk if your oil light comes on all of a sudden.

Keep an Emergency Kit All the Time

Every vehicle must always have an on-board emergency kit, but it is extremely crucial if you are heading out for a lengthy road trip in new territory. The most vital items to keep in your vehicle’s emergency kit include bottled radiator coolant and extra quart of oil, hand sanitizer, Swiss army knife and tire pressure gauge.

The tool kit should contain pliers, screwdrivers, a pry bar and wrench, duct tape, a rubber mallet, wire cutters, a can of WD-40, bailing wire and electrical tape, flashlight and extra batteries, First Aid Kit, Road flares, Jumper Cables, Blankets, Water and high nutrient, high-calorie portable food and 50 to 100 dollar in cash.

Finally, opt for a quick servicing of your vehicle with supreme car detailing services in Calgary.

Auto Detailing Calgary

Unfortunately, teen drivers have proven themselves to be among the most unsafe drivers on the road. Hence, it is essential to make teenagers aware of the necessity of safe driving. They can also take tips from the experienced drivers who have been driving for a few years.

Here are we offering top teen driving facts that all of us need to know:

Auto Detailing Calgary

1. Every day there are 15 auto crashes involving drivers aged between 15-20 years.

2. It is a shocking but true fact that teen drivers are involved in fatal car accidents four times more often than grown up drivers. Many of these crashes are caused by novice drivers making rookie mistakes such as shifting lanes without looking, not scanning for oncoming traffic or driving excessively fast for the road conditions. They might have a slower reaction time to a circumstance where another driver stopping hastily in front of them. Experienced drivers can slam on the brakes while a new driver may warm the car in front of them prior to stopping.

3. For teens the least safe time is the first 6-12 months of driving by themselves. They may have pals in the car giving distractions when the driver needs to be focused on the road. During this time new drivers are on a learning curve as they learn to drive in different weather conditions and traffic flow.

4. All motor training schools are not the same and parents should select the right school for their teens. The appropriate school will provide experience and training suitable for the youngsters. This will also increase the parents’ confidence and trust in their new driver. With perfect driving skills, the new driver will also gain faith in their own driving skills.

5. For responsible teenagers driving is a privilege given and not a right. Hence, it is important for parents to consider if the teenagers are able or ready to take on the accountability of driving.

6. Alcohol, drugs and speeding are the major causes of accidents for young drivers.

7. As with a teen driver the number of passengers in a vehicle increases, so does the chance for a mishap.

Proper care and maintenance of the vehicle with quality car detailing services is also a crucial factor when it comes to safe driving. A well maintained and thoroughly detailed car will help new drivers set a good driving example. Learn the driving facts and tips and drive safely!

Car Maintenance Mistakes

Nowadays, it is much easier to take care of automobiles that are much advanced than those driven by previous generations. However, it is somewhat due to this reason many drivers have become ignorant of performing any maintenance at all. Since not having any simple servicing like oil changes may cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle, keeping the maintenance schedule in mind is as important at the present as it was when cars still needed tune-ups.
You can simply get rid of unwanted driving issues through availing professional car detailing services in Calgary NW. Let’s have a discussion on some of the common maintenance mistakes that may get you at the risk of racking up expensive repair bills.

Not following the right oil change schedule
This is an area where taking your advice from others may not be a wise idea. In earlier days, the standard recommendation was changing the oil at 3,000 miles, but now it is important to follow the owner’s manual to get the right schedule for your car.

Maintenance Mistakes
Breaking your brakes
In a vehicle, brakes are one of those stuffs that really need to be taken care of as soon as they start wearing out. Bad brakes are a major safety concern for starters. In spite of the safety risk, many people continue driving on squealing, squeaking, stuttering brakes long after it should be taken to technician or replaced.
Ignoring the tire pressure light
Proper tire inflation is really important from both a safety and efficiency need. Check and keep them inflated properly to save money on gas.
Getting the wrong gas
Putting diesel in a gas engine is a big mistake. Though, some people think that higher octane means better, it is not the case if your car is not designed to use high octane fuel. Using the costlier fuel will not get you any benefit otherwise, instead of costing you more.
Failing to filter
Airflow is a vital factor for a car to run efficiently with good gas mileage. A clogged or dirty air filter keeps the engine from getting the fresh air it requires to run properly.
Not changing wipers
As you do not need windshield wipers all the time, you may forget to check whether they are properly working or not. To drive safely and they should to be replaced immediately if they are worn or damaged.
So, when it comes to your car, try not to be “penny wise and pound foolish”. As if you save a few bucks by skipping an oil change now, you may end up spending thousands in repair costs later.

Calgary Car Detailing

The best way to ensure that your dirt-ridden car is left sparkling clean and as good as new is to entrust them in the hands of a professional full service car wash service. They follow a complete cycle of some essential steps that result in a brand new-looking car. These professionals not only ensure that all the steps are followed, but they also use professional grade products. Each step uses different products and knowing about them will assure you that full care and attention is given to your car.

Calgary Car Detailing

1st Step- Washing

A vehicle is washed by using particular cleansers, warm water and soft sponges that can rinse out the contaminants and surface debris that are deposited on it daily. If these develop a bond with the paint’s surface, then oxidation and scratches may be caused that will lead to the paint being discoloured. To ensure that this does not happen, your vehicle should be washed regularly. You can also ask the detailer if microfiber cloth is used or not; flaky residue is not left when these are used.

2nd step- Cleaning

There is a difference between washing and cleaning. In this stage the contaminants are more deliberately removed. This is offered by most professional detailing services and it goes beyond washing. Stubborn stains, blemishes and debris are removed in this stage. Commonly clay is used in this process which adheres to the debris; this is followed by a spray which removes everything gently.

3rd step- Polishing

This step results in a beautiful shine which is why the term polishing is absolutely perfect. Two kinds of polishes are offered by most brands. The thing here is to decide which one of them you want for your car; this is important as the particular kind of polish will ensure that great benefit is reaped from it. The cleaner polish is one kind which helps repair fine, light and minute defects. It also results in extra smooth surface and high gloss shine. This is perfect for cars with imperfections in finish or those which are used or second hand. The other polish is pure polish which is perfect for cars that have radiant, vivid finishes so that gleaming gloss can be created.

4th step- Protecting

The finish of paint can be best protected by the use of waxes and sealants. This will ensure that the appearance of the car is protected actively and the resale value is kept at the peak. The waxes and sealants act as defensive barriers against debris and pollutants. This also provides adequate protection against inevitable and unpredictable elements that include UV rays, insects, bird dropping, sprinkler systems, rain, fog, mists, etc.

Just cleaning and protecting does not ensure that your car will look good for a long period of time. However, to prolong the new-like effect for as long as possible, it helps if you can follow some tips which are often given out by the professionals. Ask for their opinion on how to carry on the car detailing so that your vehicle can get the maximum day-to-day care as possible.

Auto Detailing Calgary

Car cleaning equipments have become an essential part of our everyday life. A car being one of the most loved possessions; everyone wants it to look attractive and new all the time. Although, keeping vehicles well-maintained and clean can be fairly difficult, there are professional auto detailing Calgary services available to end all your worries. Leading car wash bay use the right auto detailing equipments that provide exactly the kind of cleaning results you want.

Auto Detailing Calgary

Benefits of using advanced car detailing systems

Unlike an ordinary car washing machine, advanced tools have all the specifications and features required to make your vehicle look as spectacular as new again. For car cleaning professionals, detailing an auto exterior is a huge challenge, as they need to deal with rough grime and deposits caused by dirt, mud and grease deposits on the vehicle’s engines, tires and body. With the advent of industrial development and technology sophistication, present market has sufficient availability of automotive detailing equipments such as first-rate pressure washing systems. These tools are designed with features required for cleaning the external parts and surface of vehicles.

Auto detailing pressure washer method offers a number of beneficial features to car wash business owners. These devices come up with innovative features like moderate pressure levels and low flow rates that help professionals efficiently clean the car’s exteriors. Low flow rates save time by reducing drying times. Alternatively, detailing of engines and tires needs to be performed effectively as they remain covered with mud and grease.

Detailing with cold water pressure washers may not eliminate the accumulated grime and dirt entirely. Auto detailing operators prefer using high quality automotive cleaning tools so as to get superior cleaning results for clients within the quickest possible time. Specialized equipments are designed and fabricated to clean different types of automobile surfaces with its premium cleaning techniques.

Faster cleaning with less drying time

Steam cleaners offer superior car exterior cleaning solutions. These equipments feature high steam temperatures that make loosening, dislodging and dissolving of even the roughest of deposits easier and without the need to manually scrub the surface. These devices are also perfect for interior auto detailing in terms of carpet and upholstery cleaning. Quality steam cleaner systems can reduce the drying time considerably and this great feature allows operators the scope to service more cars faster.

Thus, powerful auto detailing machines highly contribute to enhancing the performance of the vehicles in various significant ways. Hence, clients can happily take home their great looking cars within a few hours.

One of the best ways of maintaining your car and keep the resale value preserved is through car detailing. The detailing helps in keeping it presentable looking and involves engine, exterior and interior detailing. Thorough cleaning of the car takes place so that it looks as good as new. Most people vouch for cleaning their cars themselves but after a certain period of time, professional detailing on a regular basis ensures that its performance and life is increased.

Spring car detailing is often done so that it can be prepared for the summer. Some of the advantages of spring car detailing are:

  • The vinyl or leather upholstery of the car can be protected from sun damage.
  • The car paint is protected better by the car detailing process and this eliminates chances of colour fading under the harsh summer sun.
  • In case salt brine is used for treating of roads during the winter, there are chances that some salt has entered the interior as well as affected the exterior of the car. This can be removed.
  • The bugs and pollen which are present during spring and summer can removed easily from the car’s surface after detailing so that the paint remains protected from any damages.

Professional spring detailing not only saves money on supplies needed but time is saved as the professionals are used to this work and so they perform well on time. It not just helps your car but it also helps the environment. The grime, the soap water washed away, the oil, etc will all go to the sewers which will then end up in the sea or lakes; on top of that is the consideration of the huge amount of water which will be wasted for cleaning at home. However, when the job is being done by professionals, the process involves a lot lesser amount of water. Another thing to note is that when a car is hand washed, the paint may be damaged and its shine reduced. But professionals have the exact tools, equipment and materials to ensure that just the dirt and grime are removed from the surface and the paint is preserved through their work.

So, just like your house and your furniture, cars need to be cleaned regularly as well. The best option is visiting a professional car detailers in Calgary; but it should be made sure that spring detailing is conducted properly so that you can reap long term benefits from your well maintained car.

In auto detailing, both exterior as well as interior of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. The step-by-step meticulous process restores the vehicle’s beauty and fully protects the investment. Beyond automobiles, such services may be extended to trucks, SUVs, buses, RVs, motorcycles, etc. Professional detailing companies can handle all or at least some of the kinds of vehicles mentioned here.

Basically in such services, each and every detail of a vehicle is assessed as well as cleaned and it includes all crevices and cracks. Another very important aspect of this service is that it helps protect your car from the various elements. A misconception that is commonly inside the minds of people is that the clear coat of car can protect the exterior finish, which negates the need for regular maintenance. In reality, a minimum of two coats of wax should be applied in a year to painted surfaces so that the finish can be protected from oxidation and contaminates. Though an extra protection package is offered by some dealerships for the car during purchase, this is not the permanent solution.


Some of the benefits of car detailing are given here


Protection from rust- Places where snowfall is very common, rust forms a major problem. To melt the snow and ice, salt is put on the roads by snow plows. However, these make the process of rusting and corrosion 10 times more rapid than usual. Whenever the weather becomes dry and roads are cleared the car should be professionally cleaned so that all the salt can be washed off.

Maintaining resale value- Your vehicle should be washed regularly and waxed properly; this will ensure that the clear coat finish and paint of the car is protected. For example if you do not maintain your car properly, your car is bound to lose its sheen and paint will start fading and cracking which will make it look older than it actually is. This will definitely make you lose quite an amount of money when you look to sell it off.

Saving gas- You may have often seen SUVs and big trucks caked all over with mud and dirt. This simply adds to the weight and more gas is used. Even in case of small cars, there may be up to 10 pounds of dust and dirt underneath as well as on it. You can even try removing extra stuff which is not needed from the car and see your gas mileage increase.

The best thing about car detailing is that it reflects your pride in your car. So whether your car is new or it had been previously owned, even the ordinary car may be made extraordinary by professional auto detailing.

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