24December, 2014

Why Keeping Car Interiors Clean is a Necessity

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A car being a rather expensive mode of transportation, everyone wants to keep it clean and looking in good condition all the time. There are a number of car detailing companies that serve customers with utmost expertise to make sure that their vehicles are waxed to keep them very shiny and looking like brand new always.

Car cleaning Calgary

If you love your car, seeing scratches on its body obviously hurts. The most important thing for you is to ensure that it is handled carefully whenever you bring it to your preferred auto detailing service provider. However, this is just your car’s exterior part. Exterior cleaning makes your vehicle look beautiful outside, but what about the inside?

Why Keeping the Interiors Clean in Important

Yes, keeping the interiors clean is equally vital. After all, you sit inside the car for many hours a day as you drive to and from work. Not only that, you sometimes let passengers ride with you too. Keeping the exteriors fresh may be essential for aesthetic reasons, but keeping the interiors dirt free is largely for health concerns.

The air you breathe inside has to be fresh and safe. Who wants any unpleasant smells throughout the ride? Clean interiors keep you from catching bacterial or viral diseases brought about by dirt or dust. For vehicle owners not finding enough time to clean their car all by themselves, simply choosing quality professional services is the best option.

Steps for Interior Detailing

  • Vacuuming is the first step. Your car needs a vacuum with an extension hose along with several other attachments. The rule is to work from the top down, so that particles which are dislodged and fall during washing can be lifted later when the seats and carpet are vacuumed.
  • The next up is cleaning. There are a variety of cleaners available in the market for different types of surfaces, including leather, carpet, upholstery and plastic. If you want to try cleaning between the intervals of your professional maintenance schedule, household cleaners work well. However, be careful to use the right cleaning product for the right cleaning job.
  • The third step is final touches that include conditioning, re-vacuuming and odor removal. After cleaning is done, leather needs to be treated with a conditioner specifically made for it. This is mostly required for dried-out leather. If you want to apply a product to your car’s plastic or vinyl, try to pick a product that is non-greasy. Many marketable conditioning products contain silicone oils that may stain clothing. A second vacuuming eliminates dirt dislodged during the detailing process.

An automobile is a huge investment and it should be protected with quality car interior detailing offered by leading car wash companies.