30November, 2016

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Car Look Better than Ever

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Plenty of high-end cars may be rolling on to the roads, but not many owners would like to shell out big bucks on maintaining their four wheels. You can own “a brand new car” even without costing a fortune. All you need to do is give your vehicle the much-needed makeover with a few steps. Following these easy steps you can make your car look brand new.

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Clean and organize your vehicle

Every time you step out of your car, make sure to empty it of trash. A deep cleaning or complete detailing is an ideal way to keep the trashes at bay. So, you can splurge on the professional vehicle detailing services. A simple dusting once a month can make your dashboard look absolutely spiffy. There is no need to invest on expensive organization tools ; you can keep the glove compartment organized using the Ziplock bags. From car manuals to car maintainance paper works, everything can be stacked in just one bag. The more organized things will be, the easier it will be for you to find important stuffs during emergency.

As for the exterior part you don’t need to wax your car every month. Instead, make sure to put it through a professional vehicle wash once or twice in a month. It’s difficult to remove the stubborn gunks from car wheels and even the professional detailers often fail to ace the test. You can use a toilet brush to clean the wheels once a week.

Replace the floor mats

Floor mats are probably the first things to get ruined in a car. Rubber floor mats will not just cover up the worn out spots on your car’s floor, but will also give it a cleaner look. Everyday sand ,slush, mud, debris are tracked into your vehicle and mats protect the car carpet from these. Easier to maintain, a dirty floor mat can be washed regularly with clean water. You can also customize the floor mats to perfectly fit the model of your car. A tattered, worn-out and ragged floor mat is a huge turn off! Consider replacing a ragged mat with a new one whenever required.

Clean windows inside and out

Clean the insides and outsides of your windows to enhance the visibility and appearance of your vehicle. Use a good cleaner to remove the dust on your windows. Some car owners rely on wet newspaper (as opposed to paper towels or towels) and soapy water as a windshield cleaner.

Place sun films

The installation of sun films on the front windshield, back windshield or side windows can help combat the harmful UV rays. It cuts the annoying glare on your windshield by reducing intense bright spots on sunny days and blinding headlights during night. With help of these films your air conditioner can function better.

Adorn your car with colorful seat cushions

Jazz up your car interior with quirky and colorful seat cushions. Not only can this add to the accessories, if you buy a heated cushion or massage car cushion, you can have a very comfortable ride to home from work.

You can rely on full service car wash Calgary to detail your vehicle. Car detailing Calgary can make your car look and perform better.