7October, 2015

How to Give Your Car a Showroom-Shine Finish with Full Service Car Wash?

Full service car wash

We all love our car when it is new. However, with time, the gloss and shine start fading away. It is also not possible always to wash and polish the cars on your own due to time constraints. Therefore, the best thing you can do in such a situation is to opt for a full service car wash in Calgary and get detailed cleaning for your vehicle. If you think that it is not enough and you want that showroom shine finish, then you have to ensure that the car detailing service performs the following tasks.

Full service car wash

Clay Your Car for A Shinier Look

If you want to give a brand new look to your car, then you have to remove every little contaminant found on your car’s body paint. A simple waxing cannot eliminate those tiny particles as the process just shifts them to another part of your car and that is why you need claying your car.

Wash your car thoroughly and dry before you park it in the garage. It is very important to run the process in a shade, as it prevents lubricant from sticking on your car’s paint.

Take a palm-size piece of clay and spread out the oil comes with clay’s packaging on the car’s body. Applying the hand-pressure, you have to rub the piece throughout the whole body. You will often feel resistance from the surface because of tiny particles of dirt that will be eliminated in the process.

After covering all the areas, now wipe out the lubricant by rubbing a soft towel on your car’s body and see the difference.

Clean Exterior with Water

Washing a car by only water can be a good choice, as water itself is a good cleaner. In the process, you have to spray water all over the car’s body. Avoid using a sponge in the process, because sponge often attracts grit and if you rub with grit, it will leave irremovable scratches on your car’s body. Thus, a high- pressure hose would be the best tool in this process.

Once you have spread out water all over your car the dirt will start to lose its grip from the car’s paint. Leave the car wet from outside for a while. Apply the hose, wash the body once again, now, take a fluffy wool mitt, and run it throughout the body to make it dry.

Easy Way to Clean Car’s Interior

Collect all the leftovers and throw them outside. Remove the carpet if possible and make it dust free by applying vacuum cleaner over it. Take damp but soft cloth and clean the console, dashboard and all other areas made of plastic.

While cleaning the interior always avoid products having Silicon, because properties such as Silicon leave a greasy residue. Now, wipe out all the areas including the glasses from inside. In addition, you can use interior cleaning products available in the market, but make sure it is suitable for the material used in your car.

Following these simple tips will not only clean your car thoroughly, but it will also add that showroom-like shine. So, next time you visit for a full service car wash in Calgary, ask for that showroom-like shine.