21March, 2017

Detail Your Vehicle to Relive the Joyful Experience

Full service car wash Calgary

You remember the day when you were in rapture driving your newly bought car. Time has flown and your car looks and speaks a little weary now.

Don’t feel sad. There are plenty of auto detailing services operating in and around Calgary. Take your pick and give your car a new lease of life!

But before that, you cannot afford to depend on commercial services blindfolded! So you need to be well equipped with the knowledge of the ways of auto detailing, its best practices and price ranges.
Full service car wash Calgary

First be Sure What are the Services to Expect

Basic auto detailing entails thorough overhaul and renovation of the exterior and interior of a vehicle.
The services generally offer the following as an exterior detailing:

  • Hand Wash & Hand Dry, Hot Waxing
  • Tires & wheels cleaned & shined
  • Engine bay shampooed
  • Undercarriage washed
  • Carnauba wax paint protection
  • High gloss paint finish, Clay & decontaminate Paint
  • And more!For Interior detailing the below areas are generally taken care of:
  • Thorough Vacuuming
  • Vinyl Plastic & Trim cleaned & Dressed
  • Clean & Dress Dash & Center Console
  • Interior Deodorized
  • Crystal clear windows
  • Leather seats steam cleaned & conditioned
  • Floor Mats washed
  • Second application of conditioner to rejuvenate and protect leather
  • Buttons knobs gages & vents cleaned
    Complete Carpets
  • Seats & Upholstery Shampooed & steam cleaned
  • And much more

    Select Your Auto Detailing Services Carefully

    Keep the following in mind:

  • Research the credibility level of the service provider through web reviews, client feedbacks, affiliations etc. Check forums and talk to real people.
  • Match the offerings with your needs along with cost considerations. If you do not need all the services offered in a package seek a less costly alternative.
  • Check the equipment and methods used in the operation and their suitability for your car.
  • Have the knowledge of different kinds of car wash, paint and opt for the best fit. Your car may react badly to chemical cleaning and needs chemical free and eco-friendly cleaning. So each service details are to be judged for your car type and condition.
  • You need to make sure that the car detailing services are long lasting and be aware that when really your car will need a redo. If detailing is done before time it’s just a waste of money.
  • Though mobile detailing facilities are convenient try to opt for fixed location detailing. They are more credible for obvious reasons.
  • Make sure that the service providers offer a warranty as accidental damage or incompetent handling is not rare.
  • Armed with the basic awareness of vehicle maintenance, just sit back and enjoy your ride till the time comes for another auto detailing.
  • Last but not least keep on doing the regular basic care by yourself or someone you can trust with the job.