15July, 2015

Common Car Problems Faced by Calgary Car Owners and Their Solutions

Common Car Issues

People in Calgary are taking precautionary measures to protect their homes from the worst weather conditions, whether it’s hot and humid summer, heavy summer rains or chilled winters. But are they equally concerned about their cars? Keeping your vehicle merely under the shade or garage is probably not the best choice. In order to make your car weather-ready, you have to be extra cautious and get it detailed from time to time.

To help you foresee the common car problems caused due to bad weather, this blog talks about few such car malfunctioning and preventive measures to avoid them.

Common Car Issues

* Condensation and battery damage when the car is garaged for several days

Needless to explain that many car owners do not want to take any added pain by bringing their cars out in the waterlogged streets of Chestermere and parts of Calgary. They prefer keeping it inside the garage till the summer rains get over. Yes, this is certainly a wise idea. But, keeping your car inside the garage for a long period of time also has adverse effects. You may find interrupted operation, condensation in the parts of the engine and battery damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you fill up the gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer and remove the battery when your car sits idle. Although, your vehicle is not coming in direct contact with the rain water, but the air is humid. Humid air results in rusting and corrosion if not washed and waxed, especially the exterior.

* Paint fading and rusting when the car comes in direct contact with the sunlight

The warm summers and scorching sun rays in Calgary can damage the exterior paint and leave your vehicle susceptible to corrosion. If the parking area is not shaded and you park your car there almost every day, the paint will fade away gradually. Getting a car over is a good and smart choice to protect it from sunlight, bird droppings and dirts. But before you take this precautionary action, you should get the exterior waxed once to prevent it from further damage. There are few esteemed companies that offer car and auto detailing in Calgary. Rush today and provide your beloved car a protective shield.

* Cold weather damages the battery, thickens transmission fluids, puts more pressure on tires, weakens spark plugs and damages wipers

Winters are the worst. The hailstorm, snowfalls and salts on the roads can damage your car in every possible way. You can wax your car before the winter arrives. A weekly high-pressure wash during the winter can remove the salt residues from the wheels, rims, windscreens, grills and hoods. Application of wax during the winter is not very effective to guard the exterior paint. However, quick detailer sprays can provide a thin layer of protection and buff up the paint.

As per the latest weather reports, Calgary will experience more rainfall and thunderstorm this week. The temperature will lie in between 23 degree C to 9 degree C. So that your car does not break down in the middle of the waterlogged streets and you get stuck, preventive car care and regular maintenance is a must.