29June, 2016

Cleaning Car Engine? Make it Simple!

Engine Detailing

The engine is definitely the most important part of a car, as the machine provides power to the entire vehicle and helps it to run thousands of miles without any interruption. You are aware of the importance of the car’s engine, but when it comes to its cleaning, you often consider it less important.

Every car owner should know that occasional cleaning can enhance the life span of the machine and its work efficiency. If you are one of them who hesitate to put their hand on the engine to make it clean and fresh, then you should learn the short and simple process of cleaning your car’s engine. In this article, we will discuss the ways to clean car engine.

Engine Detailing

Make the Process Simple

If you are doing the task for the first time, then you may hesitate to start it. But once you have learned the actual process of cleaning the engine, which is an integral part of car detailing, you will find it as much easier as cleaning the interior. However, it is not that you can apply your own methods to clean the engine of your vehicle. You will have to follow a particular way to execute the process.

Go Ahead With the Process

In order to start the process, you will have to arrange engine degreaser and use it effectively. You will have to apply the product to all the areas of your car engine. After that, you will have to spray water on the engine, as you can use a leaf blower to blow excessive water on the machine. In order to dry up all the water and moisture over the engine, you can start the engine and keep it on till it touches the normal operating temperature.

Apply Dressing over the Engine

You can find people who do not like the idea of dressing up the engine because they believe that any kind of dressing would attract more dust and dirt towards the engine. However, it is true that detailed and dressed up engine offered by an auto detailing service provider can be the den of dirt and dust, but at the same time it creates a layer between the engine and dirt. Most of the automobile experts recommend a topping of dressing over the surface of the engine that allows the cleaner to wash away all the dirt from the engine easily.

The Advantage of Engine Dressing

Many people can call it as the magnet of dust and dirt, but the engine dressing develops a sacrificial layer between the engine surface and new dirt. The solvent-based dressing is preferable than water based silicone free dressing, as the solvent dressing offers more long lasting capability and cannot be washed away unless the cleaner apply new applications of dressing.

If you find the process of engine dressing tedious and time-consuming, then you can hire a full service car wash, which will take care of both the interior and exterior parts of your vehicle.