15December, 2015

Car Wash- What You Should Do and What Not

Car Wash

Car washing may sound like a simple process that can be done by anyone at any point of time. That is probably why most of the people do not give too much attention to this issue. However, a few people always want to see their vehicles look like new. In order to maintain the new look, they prefer to wash their vehicles manually. Many car owners consider the act of washing the car by hand as a therapeutic procedure, which is beneficial for vehicle’s appearance. There is no doubt that hand car wash technique is good for a vehicle. In order to conduct an error-free and smooth wash, the owner should watch out for a few important things. In this article, you will draw an insight of the processes related with hand car wash in Calgary.

Car Wash

Find a Reason to Wash Your Car

You should not wait for a layer of dirt and crud to cover the surface of your vehicle because elements like bird droppings, dead bugs and chemicals can eliminate the wax coating and damage your car’s paint if ignored for a long time.

However, a weekly wash can keep your car in best condition. If your car is vulnerable to weather conditions like acid rain, then you should wash it more frequently. Otherwise, this kind of weather condition can leave a permanent mark on the surface of your vehicle.

Products You Should Use in the Process

Never try to use products like toilet soaps, dish cleaner, detergent powder or glass cleaner on your vehicle’s surface because these products contain alkalis and acids that can damage your car’s paint due to the removal of the wax coating.

You have to buy products that are specifically meant for washing cars. You can use a soft and natural sponge with suds appearing on the surface. Lambswool mitt can also be a good option to apply on your vehicle for conducting hand car wash procedures in Calgary.

If you find grease, road tar or any other stubborn stain around the wheel wells, then you will need some strong remover that can eliminate those hard stains from the lower portion of your vehicle. Apply a soft piece of cloth rather than a sponge on those areas because dirt would definitely blacken the sponge soon.

Wash Your Car When It Is Cool

Many people wash their vehicles when it is hot because they do not have time to wait till it is cooled down. You should know that the water and foam that you would apply on the surface of your vehicle would dry up quickly if the car is hot. This will form spots on the surface and that is why you should cool down your vehicle before spraying water on it.

Dry up Your Car after Thorough Wash

Do not think that your car will dry up automatically in air or a speed drive can remove all the water from the body. If you do so, many watermarks would develop on the surface of your vehicle.

The best way to dry your car after hand car wash in Calgary is applying synthetic chamois or soft towels. You can also apply a soft squeegee for getting a quick result. Be sure that the rubber is flexible enough to apply on your car’s paint.