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When clean is not enough


Car waxing can prove extremely therapeutic. The gentle rubbing of the car’s surface to lend it an exquisite shine is surely worth the hours that need to be put in. Waxing and polishing are processes that need to be carried out meticulously. A rough handling of these products while using them on the exteriors of

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Cleaning your car is an elaborate affair much like cleaning your house. The job needs to be carried out periodically in order to keep your much vaunted car in working condition, not to speak of ensuring it looks shiny and new. As your car goes through the rigours of being driven in summer, rain, autumn

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Owning a car is definitely a matter of pride proclaiming that you have arrived in life. It not only helps you to commute to your workplace on a daily basis but more importantly, gives your family the means to utilize their much needed weekend break. However, your favourite car is in need of a washing

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In the past, car detailing was just an add-on service to the broader aspect of car servicing. Once mechanics had attended to a car it was sent to an adjoining bay for washing in concurrence with the owner. Today, things have changed with the advent of the concept of car detailing. It no longer exists

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If you happen to spend a significant amount of time travelling in your much loved car, it is time that you ensure its upkeep in terms of keeping the interior clean. The reason being that with time colonies of germs are formed inside not to mention the impact of other types of pollutants. The combined

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