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When clean is not enough


Lots of investment and lots of emotion are associated with a car. Once bought, you cannot keep it in your garage, wrapped in a body cover all because you are afraid of car scratch marks. Cars are meant to be sped on the roads and not kept motionless. Expert care methods like car waxing can

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7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair

Gone are the days when people would consider car washing and detailing services a luxury. There is a significant drop in the number of people washing their cars at home. The competition in the car wash industry is increasing. The car wash and detailing services are making market surveys to find out the issues which

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Top Trends Car Wash Industry

A car is not a mere mode of transport. For many, it is a realization of their lifetime dream and for others, it is no less than a passion. Hence, one should implement best maintenance mechanisms to extend the longevity of the car. The Tips 1. Regular diagnosis of your car: The manual of the

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Prolong the Longevity of Car

Car cleaning methods need not always be followed through using expensive products, hard-to-get equipments and services that make a dent in the wallet. Cleaning cars require a certain level of perseverance and one must ensure that the vehicles are subjected to frequent cleaning routines for them to retain the shine. The resale value too gets

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Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks

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